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DeLand FL Drug Charge Defense Attorney

Drug charges are very serious and may have a drastic impact on your entire life. These types of charges stay on your criminal record and may affect your ability to obtain a job, housing or financial assistance. You can stand up for your rights with the help of an experienced drug charge defense lawyer.

We at James & Zimmerman are skilled criminal defense lawyers with experience handling a wide range of drug cases for clients across Central Florida. Our firm understands the seriousness of these cases and approaches them aggressively in order to see that your rights are protected. Contact a lawyer at our DeLand, Florida, office to discuss your options for seeking an end to your case.

Possession: When you are facing possession charges, it may be considered a misdemeanor and seem minor to you. However, a conviction on any degree of drug charge may stay on your criminal record. It is important to take every drug charge, even possession, seriously in order to see that your rights and future are protected.

Sale: Possession with intent to sell, drug distribution and the sale of drugs are charges that carry more severe penalties than simple possession. The level of the charges depends on the type of drug and the amount that was being sold or allegedly was for sale.

Trafficking: Since Florida is right on the coast and ships come and go from our ports, many individuals end up facing drug trafficking charges. Our firm represents clients all along the alleged trafficking chain, from "mules" to "kingpins."

Manufacture and Cultivation: Usually applied to methamphetamine or crystal meth (in a meth lab) or marijuana (in a grow house or other operation), manufacture or cultivation charges are extremely serious.

State and Federal Representation

Our firm has experience handling drug charge defense in state and federal court. Whether you are facing state possession charges or federal drug trafficking charges, we can assist you in defending yourself and protecting your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Contact a Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

If you are facing drug charges and wish to explore your options for structuring a defense, contact an attorney at James & Zimmerman in DeLand today.

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