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DeLand FL Guardianship Attorney

When a guardianship is sought, it usually is in the midst of an emotionally-charged situation. Whether the guardianship is for an adult or a child, the protection is being sought to protect the individual and preserve his or her best interests.

At the DeLand, Florida, office of James & Zimmerman, we are sensitive to the needs of clients dealing with a guardianship. We understand how difficult these situations can be and are committed to helping clients move through the process as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our lawyers have years of experience handling guardianship issues and are fluent in the language of the Florida laws that govern guardianships. Contact our firm today to discuss your specific situation or needs.

Guardianship Over an Adult

A guardianship over an adult may be established in order to see that the adult (called the "ward") stays safe and secure. Adults who are incapable of caring for themselves due to drug addiction, physical incapacitation, mental illness, mental retardation, or other reasons may require the intervention of a loved one or friend to ensure their well-being.

In cases where the guardianship is over an elderly adult, the case may be tied into types of estate planning and probate, and elder law, such as health care and financial details. Our firm can handle these issues for clients, in addition to aiding in seeking (or attempting to prevent) a guardianship.

Guardianship Over a Child

A guardianship over a child, or a minor guardianship, may be granted to a petitioner who is seeking rights over the child in order to protect his or her best interests. Guardianships may be granted to family members who have been caring for a child when the parents are unable or unwilling to take responsibility for the child.

Defending Against a Guardianship

Elderly individuals are often the subject of a guardianship proceeding. They do not always wish to consent to what they see as giving up their rights. We understand this position and do take on cases where we defend the individual who is the subject of the guardianship.

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For additional information on a guardianship issue or how to become a legal guardian, contact an experienced attorney at James & Zimmerman in Central Florida today.

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