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DeLand FL Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Are You the Victim of a Motorcycle Accident?

The law firm of James & Zimmerman in DeLand, Florida, is committed to working hard to get compensation for victims of motorcycle collisions. For decades, our lawyers have made a point of working directly with the people we represent. This is done to make certain that the actions we take are designed to meet your needs. We can aggressively pursue compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs associated with the accident.

The Biker Myth

There is a myth about motorcycle riders, and the opposing side in accident cases will try to exploit that myth. They will take advantage of the fact that many people, including members of juries, assume that a person is taking a risk simply by getting on a motorcycle or that people riding motorcycles are simply more likely to engage in dangerous driving.

Our attorneys know that this is a myth, particularly in this region, where people from all walks of life own motorcycles, celebrate Biketober Week and other festivals. We build our case to educate people, jury members in particular, that victims shouldn't be blamed for the recklessness of the drivers who truly caused the accident. This is how we get results.

Unique Insurance Challenges in Motorcycle Wreck Cases

There are two major differences between motorcycle crash cases and car crash cases. The first is the fact that a motorcyclist typically suffers more severe injuries, such as broken backs or brain damage, because of the lack of protection provided by their vehicle.

The second major difference is that insurance coverage is different in motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles aren't subject to Florida's PIP law and a lot of policies exclude coverage for these vehicles. This can create major problems, but problems that we know how to deal with.

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