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DeLand Boating Accident Attorneys

Using Experience to Benefit Boating Accident Victims

From the St. Johns River to the Intercoastal Waterway, the bodies of water in and around Florida are recreational hotspots. Unfortunately, they are also the sites of many serious boating accidents. Victims have the right to take action against those that caused the accident.

The lawyers at the law firm of James & Zimmerman are here to help. For decades, we have worked hard to meet the needs of accident victims in DeLand and the surrounding parts of Florida. When you come to us, you will receive the full benefit of our experience as we strive to get the results you need.

Serious Accidents Caused by Poor Judgment and Pure Negligence

On the water, people often forget that there are rules that need to be followed. This is poor judgment. This is negligence. Our attorneys are committed to holding people accountable when this negligence leads to a serious boating accident.

We can represent the victims of all types of boating accidents, including jet ski and personal watercraft accidents, water skiing accidents, collisions between boats, boats hitting swimmers and more.

Additionally, we can represent victims who are hurt on the edges of bodies of water. Many accidents take place while loading and unloading boats. Drivers back up their vehicles without looking and their trailer hits someone. We are prepared to represent injured people in all types of accidents involving boats.

We Know the Laws That Apply to Boaters

Roads are highly regulated. Speed limit signs are posted. Stop lights are present. This isn't the case on the water. Safety relies on common sense, to some extent. Still, there are laws, and they must be followed.

One of the laws that is broken most commonly is drunken boating. Boats shouldn't be operated by intoxicated drivers. Still, this happens all the time. When it causes a crash, we take action.

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