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Decisions made in divorce, child custody disputes and other family law matters can have a significant impact on everyone involved. With an experienced lawyer on your side, you feel confident of the decisions made and that your interests are truly represented. Our family law attorneys at James & Zimmerman have years of experience helping people with challenging decisions family law cases often present. We can offer honest, straightforward and informative advice about your particular family law situation. Contact our DeLand law office for knowledgeable legal counsel in Central Florida.

We offer experienced representation in all family law matters, including divorce, child custody, paternity, adoption and more.

Divorce and Child Custody: Our divorce attorneys will guide you through the decisions and negotiations that arise during your divorce. We'll work closely with you to identify your primary objectives, problems and risks with respect to child custody and child support, property division, alimony or any other issues that will be disputed in your divorce case. Once we've identified your goals in light of Florida family and matrimonial law, we can develop and execute the legal strategies that will give you the best chance of achieving your goals in a cost-effective way.

Modification and Enforcement: Once your divorce is final, changes in circumstances can mean that you need to adjust the terms of a child support or alimony order. Whether you're seeking or resisting the proposed modification of these payments, we can represent and protect your interests to make sure that the request to increase or decrease support obligations is supported by Florida law and takes your particular situation into full account. We also represent either party to a motion to enforce a child support or alimony decree that might be in default, including motions for contempt of court. In addition, we represent clients in custody modification matters, such as modification of the existing child custody or visitation arrangement.

Paternity: We represent single mothers seeking to establish paternity and child support obligations, unmarried fathers who believe that they are not the actual parent of the child in question, and fathers whose paternity has been established but who now wish to establish a regular child custody or visitation schedule with the child they're responsible for supporting.

Family Adoption: For stepparents, grandparents or other relatives who wish to adopt a child whose biological parent cannot maintain a constructive parent-child relationship, we offer advice and representation through every stage of the adoption process.

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For more information about our approach to your specific divorce or family law problem, contact a Volusia County divorce attorney at James & Zimmerman.

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