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If you need advice about land use regulation and government restrictions that might complicate the building permit process for your next real estate development project, contact the central Florida land use and zoning attorneys at James & Zimmerman in DeLand. Mark Zimmerman formerly served ten years as DeLand's city attorney, and his familiarity with the sometimes confusing tangle of local and county land use ordinances and zoning restrictions throughout the area can make a significant difference to your ability to undertake your project as planned.

Our firm represents developers, retailers, and major corporations interested in building and operating new outlets or commercial operations in Volusia County, Flagler County, and the rest of our client service area. We can assist in three broad areas of concern - zoning and land use compliance, the negotiation of so-called concurrency costs, and the development and execution of effective strategies if local opposition to your project happens to materialize.

Land Use and Zoning. Compliance with local land use and zoning regulations is always essential to obtaining a building permit. The bigger the project, the more complicated the compliance issues can become. We understand not only the ordinances that will bear upon your ability to obtain the necessary approvals, but also the application, hearing, and appeals processes that you'll need to engage in order to receive approval. The land use and zoning attorneys at James & Zimmerman can work with you from the earliest stages of your project to streamline the building permit process while formulating an application strategy that can give you the greatest prospect for success.

Concurrency Costs. Most local jurisdictions in Central Florida impose concurrency costs upon the developer as a condition of issuing the building permit. The concurrency costs purport to defray the additional strain upon public infrastructure that the new retail store, office park, or other facility might represent. These expenses might include extensions or expansions of water and sewer systems, highway improvements and traffic control, and even projected increases in public school enrollment that might be attributed to the new development. At James & Zimmerman, our familiarity with this procedure and the considerations that inform concurrency cost determinations can help you reduce the additional expenses that a county or municipality might otherwise impose upon you.

Local Project Opposition. Many major development project proposals generate significant local opposition on grounds of environmental protection, incompatibility of use, or scale. We can help you minimize the impact of organized opposition to your project at all stages of the permit application process from the early hearings to litigation after the issuance or denial of local approval.

Our experience with central Florida land use and zoning ordinances and procedures, as well as the practical political realities of the permit approval process, can help the prospects of your permit application. For additional information, contact the Volusia County land use attorneys at James & Zimmerman in DeLand.

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