Truck Accidents

Central Florida Truck Accident Lawyers

Contact the Volusia County semi tractor trailer accident attorneys at James & Zimmerman in DeLand if you or someone in your family has suffered a serious or fatal injury in a truck accident. Our experience with the federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the complexities of identifying all of the potential defendants and insurers in truck accident cases can help ensure the likelihood that you'll recover the full measure of your damages for serious or disabling injuries or wrongful death.

Truck accident cases present many challenges that differ from those commonly encountered in auto accident cases. While the federal regulations that restrict a trucker's hours of driving and that require frequent safety and maintenance inspections can make proof of a defendant's liability easier for the injured party, recovering the full amount of your damages can be more difficult.

Complicated corporate relationships, multiple layers of insurance, questions as to the employee status of the driver, and even leases of tractors, trailers, tankers, and commercial or construction vehicles can make it difficult to identify and sue all of the defendants who can be held accountable for your injuries.

At James & Zimmerman, our experience with the investigation and proof of serious truck accidents will help protect you from the possibility that an essential defendant will be overlooked. Whether your accident involved driver negligence or fatigue or faulty equipment, we make sure that every defendant who should be named in the lawsuit will in fact be named in your complaint for damages.

We take the same careful approach to the proof of your medical losses and future treatment or surgical expenses as we do in car accident cases and workplace injuries. We engage experts as necessary to prove the technical aspects of the crash as well as medical experts to testify to the nature and extent of your injuries and the ongoing treatment and future surgeries you can expect before you make as complete a recovery as possible.

Whether your accident involved a semi tractor trailer combination in the I-4 or 17-92 corridor, a nursery or florist's truck, an agricultural vehicle, a flatbed or tanker truck, a construction vehicle hauling heavy equipment, or even a rented moving van, our experience with the presentation of truck accident injury and fatal accident claims can help maximize the value of your case. For more information, contact a central Florida truck accident lawyer at James & Zimmerman in DeLand.

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