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Central Florida Wrongful Death Claims

At James & Zimmerman, our long experience with the representation of seriously injured persons and the families of fatal accident victims enables us serve our clients in a highly personalized and compassionate way. Every accidental death case changes the lives of the affected families forever, but every family we serve has different immediate needs and emotional responses to the sudden loss of a loved one.

Our goal in all wrongful death cases is to maximize your recovery while minimizing the burdens of a lawsuit when you are going through a difficult period of transition and adjustment. Contact one of our attorneys in DeLand to learn about our client service and our approach to your case.

We can represent your family in wrongful death cases resulting from the following kinds of accidents:

  • Motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents of all kinds, including those involving cars, motorcycles, bicycles, SUVs, and other private passenger vehicles
  • Accidents involving commercial vehicles, including semi tractor trailer combinations, 18 wheelers, rental trucks, delivery vans, and heavy equipment trucks
  • Workplace injuries involving the negligence or misconduct of someone other than the victim's employer
  • Fatal injuries resulting from drowning in swimming pools, homicides in poorly secured retail parking lots or apartment complexes, or fatal falls from balconies or other heights

In proving the plaintiff family's damages in wrongful death cases, we focus not only on such losses as past and future income and medical expenses, but also on the intangible elements of your loss. We make sure that the jury understands just what it means for your family to live without the companionship, guidance, and support of a parent or spouse, or how much the loss of a child has affected your life.

For further information about our ability to provide effective and empathetic client service in fatal accident cases and the most serious personal injury claims, contact the central Florida wrongful death claim lawyers at James & Zimmerman in DeLand.

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