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Florida Dog Bite Lawyers

Have You Been Attacked by a Dog?

When you turn to the law firm of James & Zimmerman, you will have attorneys on your side who have spent decades standing up for the rights of victims of negligence in DeLand and the surrounding parts of Florida. When a dog owner fails to control their pet, it is negligence and we will hold them accountable. We will aggressively pursue compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs. We will stand up for your rights.

We Overcome the Challenges of Dog Bite Cases

The challenges that arise in dog bite cases can be surprising. When a person's pet attacks someone, suddenly that person may no longer claim ownership. Either it's someone else's pet or they don't know who the owner is. We know how to prove ownership and move forward.

We also know how to deal with the unusual insurance issues that can arise. Typically, we go after the pet owner's homeowners insurance policy. However, more and more of these policies have exclusions. They won't pay if the homeowner had a dangerous pet that attacks someone. That doesn't stop us. We know how to find other avenues to get results for victims who have been bitten by dogs.

The Importance of Documenting the Injury

Many dog bites can heal quickly, at least on the outside. Sometimes, the laceration is so serious that the scar left behind makes the severity of the injury clear. In other cases, the scarring may be minimal, but there may be hidden neurological damage.

We understand the importance of taking photos of the dog bite injury, preventing the opposition from trying to claim that it wasn't serious based on how it has healed. We will make certain that doctors review the wound for any hidden damage, because we want to get the full amount of compensation to cover all of the harm that has been caused to you.

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