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Florida Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Getting Full Compensation for Injured Workers

If you have been injured on the job, the best time to contact a workers' compensation attorney is immediately after the accident. This can help prevent the employer's workers' comp insurer from having too much influence over the treating physician's judgment as to the nature and extent of your injuries, and can improve your ability to obtain an independent assessment of your medical condition.

The lawyers at James & Zimmerman draw from decades of experience in workplace injury cases. In DeLand and the surrounding parts of Florida, people turn to us to maximize their compensation. You can too.

In representing injured workers, Mark Zimmerman has established a reputation as being aggressive. He has successfully litigated important cases which resulted in establishing rights for the injured workers who battle with their workers' compensation carrier and adjuster. For example, see Parodi v. Florida Contracting Company.

It is important to know how and why some workers' compensation cases are aggressively defended by the employer and workers' compensation carrier. Following his tenure as DeLand City Attorney, Mark Zimmerman continues to defend workers' compensation claims brought against the City of DeLand.

Regardless of the Injury, We can Help

We have handled brain injury, back injury and joint injury cases, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injury cases. We have the experience to handle complex cases involving toxic illness caused by overexposure to agricultural or industrial chemicals.

We handle workplace accidents that happened in all settings, including:

  • Construction accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Office accidents
  • Refinery accidents

While we are available to help from the start of the process, our experience allows us to get results for people who have already faced denied comp claims.

Proper Medical Treatment Following an Accident at Work

We want you to recover. For this reason, we believe is essential that your treating physician is not controlled or influenced by your employer or the workers' compensation insurance company when making decisions regarding your care.

Injured workers do not ordinarily have the right to select their own physicians. However, an experienced workers' comp lawyer knows how to monitor your treatment and the credentials of the doctors chosen by the insurance company. In some cases, we can apply for independent examination and diagnosis by your own doctor. We do everything possible to ensure you receive honest, necessary medical treatment.

Maximize Your Compensation following a Work Injury

Workers' comp generally covers lost wages, as well as the expenses of medical treatment and rehabilitation up to the point of maximum medical recovery. These payments may not be high, but other opportunities may be available.

We work to maximize the compensation our clients receive by pursuing all avenues of recovery. In many cases, we can recover compensation through a personal injury claim, a workers' comp claim and a Social Security disability claim - all related to the same accident.

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